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Simple and easy uncertainty calculator:

1 - Fill in the data sheet here

ex: V
Fill in at least 1 (one) line from the worksheet
All numbers must be in the same unit. Without the unit after each number.

Reference *

ex: 100)

Value 1 

ex: 101)

Value 2 

ex: 100)

Value 3 

ex: 102)

* Type of reference:

Standard Instrument Measured Instrument Nominal value

2 - Type B - optional uncertainty sources here
Propagation of uncertainty. All numbers must be in the same unit. Fill in the values in the worksheet without repeating unit.

 Standard Reference 

Uncertainty (U95)
(ex: 0.1)  

  Veff *
(ex: 20)  

* Use 0 (zero) for infinite degrees of freedom (Veff). Veff = 0 is equivalent to informing k=2.

It is considered, in this calculation, that the distributions are normal (Gaussian). The coverage probability is 95.45%.

3 - Maximum number of decimal places:

By pressing the button above, the uncertainty calculator will provide the measurement results. In addition to the measurement uncertainty, the calculator also displays the systematic error. Calculator results contain the expanded measurement uncertainty with optional propagation. The uncertainty calculator takes the entered numbers for each row in the table and reports the individual result for each reference. Formulas for verifying instrument measurements can be used to help with the resulting numbers. The average of several readings for each reference has the measurement uncertainty.

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